8 Tips for Resumes Starting Out in Marketing

Nov 22, 2019 2:03:22 PM / by Beth Zech

It's hard to break into Marketing and Advertising so simple things on your resume could be the difference between an interview or not.

1. Do a professional summary paragraph at the time so people know who are and what you can bring to the table and what you are looking to do. Jobs are all about alignment...and you need to align with what they are looking for....

2. Move Your college/Education to the bottom- you are a professional now! 

3. Move skill-sets up- tell what you are good at...and really think about what you've done and what your core expertise is....you can't be an expert at everything at this stage of your career so be honest and direct on your skill-sets....

4. Bring down all the fonts a bit..."Don't Scream on your resume"- be a "Humble brag" on your resume...If you are good, we will find you, you don't need skyscraper headlines with your name, email and phone number 

5. Think about what your boss and bosses boss would want to see on your resume and write it for them....directly. Your resume is about you but, your story is for them!

6. No General Statements on resumes. The people reading your resume will know things like "ran email campaigns" or "Led status meetings with clients" so give me details thinking about the Sr. person reading the resume: What Account? What Budget? What Projects? What Level of Client were you interfacing with? How big was the agency? What did you do really well? Get detailed on what you did and do! That helps to make you shine over the competition.

7. No typos or inaccuracies on your resume..deal breaker since you will be interfacing clients and team members and if you can't get it right on your own document how can I trust you to get it detailed with my clients?

8. Have someone you trust in a higher-level role or mentor that works in marketing  look at it and critique it for real....honest, direct feedback that you can execute on is always best.

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Beth Zech

Written by Beth Zech

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